Super Street fighter IV 

graphics are nice chun li's amazing legs are just grand

the controls are simple if your not trying to do a special move then it takes some time patience and if you a regular human the skill list is a little confusing but good enough

the music isnt annoying or nothing like that so all in all it gets a well deserved

7.9 out of 10

Mortal kombat vs DC universe

the graphics are really good for a game that dosent suck ass

the music is somtimes unnoticeable i think i spelled that wrong but any ways the controls are really easy and the move list is easy to read the storyline fits together very well,even though ther isnt that many charictars but stil its good enough to have earned 8.5 out oof 10 

 mass effect 2

mass effect one but waaaay better so its like the greatest game ever 10/10


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